sidamaforest  pasture


  • SNNPR South Nation, Nationalities and People’s Region is one of the largest regions in Ethiopia, accounting for more than 10 percent of the country’s land area.
  • The population is estimated at nearly 15,745,000; almost a fifth of the country’s population.
  • With less than one in ten of its population living in urban areas (8.9%) the region is overwhelmingly rural.
  • The region is divided into 13 administrative zones, 133 woredas and 3512 kebeles, and its capital is Awassa.
  • The largest ethnic groups in the SNNPR are the Sidama (17.6 percent), Wolayta (11.7 percent), Gurage (8.8 percent), Hadiya (8.4 percent), Selite (7.1 percent), Gamo (6.7 percent), Keffa (5.3 percent), Gedeo (4.4 percent), and Kembata (4.3 percent)

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