Common River offers volunteer teachers to volunteer and teach in Africa.  Whether you desire to teach students directly or teach teachers to teach, there is a great need for progressive education techniques.

Volunteer teachers are needed for the following:

  • Teachers to train teachers:  Bring your skills to share progressive education techniques to our open and ready teachers.
  • Sports trainers & PE teachers:  Provide sports training to our students.
  • Arts, music, and dance instructors: Share your artistic talents with our students.

In June 2013, Emily Sprowls, Harmony Education Center and National School Reform Faculty (NSRF) in Bloomington, Indiana, USA provided a Teacher Training for the Common River faculty and teachers from the public schools in Aleta Wondo.

See her training report here: Emily teacher workshop Common River (2)

For more information about how to be a volunteer teacher for Common River, contact us today.