Welcome to Common River!

Common River is located in the coffee growing region of southern Ethiopia, on the outskirts of the small bustling town of Aleta Wondo.

Nestled in the Great Rift Valley, 300 km south of Addis Ababa it is rich with the finest coffee in the world, diligent workers, and creative thinkers.

Over the past 10 years, we have made some impressive improvement in the daily life of the community!
But we have a long way to go before we are a 100% self-sustaining village.

We encourage you to come and visit us in our safe, secluded paradise in the heart of the Sidama region.

Our friendly staff are ready to receive and serve our visitors!

There’s always a need for EVERY type of volunteer at Common River.

Are you a Medical Student?
We LOVE our medical volunteers! Bring your school to Aleta Wondo!

Looking for an International Internship?
Change your life by interning at Common River!

Are you a student looking to do some volunteer work locally or abroad?
Student volunteering keeps us young by introducing new ideas to our village!

Are you a teacher who loves to teach those who crave knowledge?
Volunteer teachers always have an amazing experience when visiting our knowledge hungry women and children!

Can’t come to Ethiopia to volunteer?
No problem!
We could always use volunteers who can offer a hand by donating a few dollars just to show their support!

Want to learn more about Common River? See our About Us page
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If you have any questions or comments for us contact us today.