Common River is a US-based non-governmental organization (501c3) implementing a community development program in the heart of the Sidama coffee growing region, in a town called Aleta Wondo. Nestled in the Great Rift Valley, 300 kilometers south of Addis, it is rich with resources, diligent workers, creative thinkers…ripe with possibility.

Our VISION is a thriving school community that honors Sidama culture and creates a sustainable place called home in Ethiopia’s coffee country.

Our MISSION is to empower the community to become balanced, productive and self-sustaining for others to witness and replicate, while honoring cultural heritage and environmental biodiversity.

Our GOAL is to invest in the socio-economic potential and well-being of a community through integrated development using the ‘Positive Deviance’ approach in education, health and livelihoods.

Our program is fully aligned with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

  1. Eradication extreme poverty and hunger
  2. Achieving universal primary education
  3. Promoting gender equality and empowerment
  4. Reducing child mortality
  5. Combating HIV/malaria and other diseases
  6. Improving maternal health
  7. Ensuring environmental sustainability
  8. Developing global partnerships to development

Find out how your visit, medical volunteering, international internship, student volunteering, volunteer teaching and / or donations can help us reach our goal of sustainable development in Aleta Wondo, Ethiopia. For more information about Common River and how you can help, contact us today.