Community Service Trips for Teens

We offer an opportunity of a life time for high schoolers to give back and gain experience doing hands-on community service.  Groups of a minimum of 8 participants can be organized.  Read about service activities that are needed and done in the past:  summer ideas 2013

Sidama Cultural Camps

Many families of adopted Sidama children are interested in learning about their children’s culture.  Bring the whole family and enjoy an authentic Sidama experience, living the culture and learning to sing, dance and cook Sidama style.  Click here for more information regarding adoptive families.

NGO seminars
Trainings and retreats for staff working in Ethiopia and around the world are welcome to use the facilities, complete with classrooms, pavilion and full room and board.

Conference meetings
Government officials, businessmen, international NGO’s are invited to hold their meetings and conferences at our site. Full board and accommodations are available for 20 people.

Habesha weddings
Romantic sight for large weddings complete with Sidama horsemen carrying the bride and groom to the festivities. Traditional Sidama catered feasts available. Stay in the Honeymoon Taj-Ma-Hut!

For more information about how to arrange a community service group trip to Common River, contact us today.