Join our Sidama Safari of Thanksgiving

A Virtual Event: Saturday November 21, 2020 12 noon PST

Donna Sillan and Tsegaye Bekele of Common River in Aleta Wondo, Ethiopia invite you and your family to a Zoom presentation to learn more about the Sidama culture and the NGO’s current development program. During this interactive session you will learn about traditional coffee production and enset – the traditional staple of the Sidama people.  You will also be treated to a tour of Common River’s facilities by Tinsae Tareku, the Program Director.

This is a free event, which hopefully inspires you to donate. This has been a VERY hard year for everyone, even in the remote community of Common River, where the impact of COVID has been felt.  Presently, operations are scaled back to a minimum, serving only the women who attend our Female Literacy Program. Our primary students are attending local public or private schools through the support of individual donors and Common River scholarships. We will re-evaluate the situation in June 2021, hoping to resume hosting volunteers, adoptive families, students and medical missions, given an alternative institution assumes the management of CR.

Our core staff are adapting to our new reality, working diligently to maintain the infrastructure, while adopting COVID-safe behaviors and earning their salaries, which are critical for their survival.

This is the time of year to express gratitude, celebrate culture and build community.  We look forward to seeing you and your family, at our COVID-free virtual event.

An Afternoon with Common River Common River Invite v4

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