volunteer meetingCOMMON RIVER takes an innovative approach to transforming villages globally from economic hardship and poverty to self sustaining vibrant communities. It is a holistic remedy that empowers the locals to create their environment fostering the resources that are naturally available and within reach. It is not a quick fix to a chronic problem but a course designed to systemically heal the issues that hold it down and offer sparks to ignite a village….

COMMON RIVER believes…

It takes INDUSTRY to build economic security.
It takes EDUCATION to empower generations to be innovative.
It takes ENTREPRENEURS, women in particular, to fund worthy ideas.
It takes ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE to diligently work, study and thrive.
It takes ENVIRONMENTAL infrastructures to create sustainability.
It takes CULTURAL HERITAGE to create pride.
It takes INVESTORS to create motivation.
It takes a VILLAGE to raise a planet.

Welcome to a place rich with resources, diligent workers, creative thinkers…ripe with possibilities-

Welcome to the opportunity to help build a productive and thriving environment for the world to witness, to model, to evolve.

Aleta Wondo is a village in Ethiopia that is boldly stepping into recreating its destiny.  It is a village that yearns to bustle with its natural energy and elevate its people to new levels.

Aleta Wondo is not asking for charity.  It does not want hand outs.  It asks for those that believe in its potential, that envision its path to prosperity, which invest in its dream with a true sense of partnership.

Common River sets forth a path to a sustainable future for this currently under-realized Ethiopian village.  It is a win-win for those investing, as well as those living and working for a better life.


COFFEE FARMERS:  The finest beans are grown and harvested in Wondo, traded, shipped and appreciated around the world, but the local coffee growers suffer from harsh middle men that discount prices and denigrate the local coffee growers.  Investing in hard working coffee farmers means you are a part owner in this endeavor.   COMMON RIVER believes that indigenous industry is critical to sustaining a village

CHILDREN:  The current public school in Aleta Wondo is standing room only.  Children walk kilometers to school only to be turned away due to lack of space.  Plus, there are not enough supplies, teachers, or desks to go around leaving most of the children on the street.  COMMON RIVER believes education is the key to a thriving village.

FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS:  If you want something done, give it to a busy woman.  As mothers of the village, this work force has vision and with little capital can tap into their resourcefulness. COMMON RIVER seeks to create global connections to inspire, direct and make investments in visions that generate homespun industry.

“Aleta Wondo” seeks those willing to invest and work together towards a sustainable future with a true sense of partnership. This village has distinguished coffee production and untapped human resources making it the ideal model for COMMON RIVER’s community development, creating community socio-economic wellness.

Common River is a catalyst for community change. We expect active participation and in-kind contributions from the community. For every one step into the community, we take two steps back, so that the community takes responsibility for their program, becomes more self-reliant, and empowered by their own development process.

Common River provides a direct and personal link to a rural Ethiopian community. We facilitate dialogue between children of Aleta Wondo and their peers in other places. We believe in the rich exchange between each other. We encourage long-term relationships, so that we not only grow up together, but grow closer together. Eco-lodges (traditional Sidama huts) are available on the property for visitors and volunteers.

Find out how your visit, medical volunteering, international internship, student volunteering, volunteer teaching and / or donations can help us reach our goal of sustainable development in Aleta Wondo, Ethiopia. For more information about Common River and how you can help, contact us today.